The Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department has announced several new cases within its district tonight.

That includes a new case in Thurston County, bringing the total here to three. Cedar County also had its first positive cases with two total.

Among the five new NNPHD cases announced today are three males and two females. Two are under the age of 20 and there are one each in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

Public health investigations have begun to identify close contacts with the individuals who are ill in order to ensure quarantine and isolation measures, as well as to investigate sources of exposure.

As of tonight (Monday, April 28), 212 people have been tested in the NNPHD district that includes Thurston, Cedar, Dixon and Wayne County. Thurston County is the only to have more than two.

“We need to consider that anyone could be infectious with the virus, even those who do not have symptoms. Please remember to use good social distancing and infection control practices such as wearing a face mask in public and not touching your face with unwashed hands,” said Julie Rother, Health Director for NNPHD.