Those driving by Klasey Park might notice the lights on but no baseball being played as area residents have made it their mission to give Voss Fields an overdue renovation.

Scott Love, Mike Matney, Jasper Kreins, Tony Voss and their children have spent nearly every evening lately at the park doing everything from power washing and repainting the bleachers to redoing the dugouts. Others have donated their time, equipment and also money to the project, as well.

The group is largely affiliated with the local American Legion and Little League baseball teams and raised $12,000 in August through private donations and selling lollipops to fund their work.

“People have been so generous,” Love said. “Ninety percent of this project has been volunteer work, and we appreciate it.”

Love, who also serves on the Dakota County Board of Commissioners and is co-owner of Love Brothers Truck & Trailer of South Sioux City, additionally credited the City of South Sioux City for their efforts in helping this project happen.

The largest and most costly aspects are pouring concrete throughout the facility to allow for better handicap accessibility and putting up a retaining wall and net and removing the fence in front of the crowd at the larger field to increase visibility.

They are also planning to straighten the light poles, fix fencing and add a better warm-up area for the pitchers.

He believes it's an important cause to many because Voss Fields are so important to the city's history.

“Myself, 50 years old, I played ball here,” he said. “My son played ball here. There's so much history here. There are so many new complexes out there and that's great, but we want to keep this one going.”

Their goal is to have the retaining wall built and the concrete poured before snowfall.

“We've got a long journey ahead of us, but it'll turn out awesome,” Love said.