Concerns regarding the status of the city's sewer insurance were brought up during the public comment portion of Monday's South Sioux City city council meeting in response to an Aug. 10 article in the Sioux City Journal (“Insurance: South Sioux lacked sewer coverage”).

According to South Sioux City city attorney Michael Schmiedt, worry that the city does not have proper insurance is unfounded.

The city has had a policy with Philadelphia Indemnity since Oct. 1, 2016, according to Schmiedt. Issues with Big Ox Energy started cropping up later that month.

“There is a policy in place if it is needed,” he said. “People should not be worried.”

Schmiedt also noted the city's stance that they are not liable for the damages in the 15 current and ongoing lawsuits that have stemmed from the recent sewer odor issues.