(NAPSI)—"Westworld" on HBO. "Stranger Things" on Netflix. "The Alienist" on TNT. "This Is Us" on NBC. "The Good Doctor" on ABC. The list of shows you've heard your friends, family and co-workers talking about probably goes on and on. If only there were one place to find and catch up on all of them. Enter Watchathon Week on Xfinity On Demand, considered the biggest and best binge-watching event of the year. From April 16 to 22, Xfinity TV customers (and their kids and pets) can enjoy free, unlimited access to the most-buzzed-about shows and movies from Netflix and HBO, to NBC, AMC, DogTV and more.

With carte-blanche access to thousands of the best TV shows and movies, there may be no better time to hunker down and catch up on all you've been missing. Not sure where to start? Find your Watchathon personality and get started:

The FOMO Inflicted:

You have such fear of missing out and if one more person laments to you over how Jack died or asks what happened to Barb you might just lose it. Keep calm because this could be your chance to catch up on all the buzziest TV you've been hearing about, such as NBC's "This Is Us," Netflix's "Stranger Things," ABC's "The Good Doctor," FOX's "The Gifted," FX+'s "Better Things," SHOWTIME's® "Billions" and Starz's "Counterpart."

The One-Show Die-Hard:

You've been there since Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody came home. Since Ned Stark left for King's Landing. Since "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose" became a mantra. Relive every single moment of your favorite series' greatness from start to finish. From SHOWTIME's "Homeland" to HBO's "Game of Thrones" to NBC's "Friday Night Lights," you can let the episodes roll on Xfinity On Demand.

The Procrastinator:

The new season is here or will be soon and you still haven't watched the last season. Don't fall victim to the spoilers; during Watchathon, you can get up to speed on shows such as HBO's "Westworld" and Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black" before their new season premieres.

The Aspiring TV Guru:

You know that show you always wanted to watch but never did? Regret no more. Many of these critically acclaimed shows are available in their entirety during Watchathon Week, including HBO's "The Wire," Fox's "The X-Files" and NBC's "Will & Grace"—so you can have another chance to experience some of the best and most-popular shows in recent history.

The Traveler:

You have wanderlust. Watchathon Week has you covered from your couch. Take a trip across the pond without a passport by catching up on Netflix's "The Crown," check out one of the many British and international shows and documentaries available through Acorn TV, and even travel back in time with Starz's "Outlander." Even if you just like to wander, you can watch thousands of options on the go through the Xfinity Stream app and Web portal.

The Indecisive:

Can't make a decision? It's hard when there are so many options. Don't worry—Xfinity's team of entertainment experts has you covered with a long list of recommendations on www.Xfinity.com/Watchathon to help you make the most of the week.

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