The Better Homes Club was organized in 1946 and is still active in community projects.  Some of our annual events are the Easter Egg Hunt in Thurston held on the Saturday before Palm Sunday. Also our club is involved in the Thurston Watermelon Days Celebration, which is held the second weekend in September.

In the past the club has given donations: to Pender Community Hospital (Tree of Lights), for new playground equipment in the Thurston Park, for scholarships for Pender High School graduates, to Hospice, and school supplies are donated to social services to be given out to school students in Pender.

We continue the tradition of Christmas Caroling and delivery food baskets to senior citizens in the Thurston area.  

Our present members include: Dawn Fillipi, Lois Fillipi, Edna Mae Frey, Connie Malasek, Charlene Dunn, Bonny Suhr, Leslie Suhr, Susie Thomsen, Nancy Zvacek and Denise Olson. 

Bonny Suhr