Every third Tuesday of the month for as many as 50 years a group of  12 friends has gathered for fun and conversation. We call ourselves--Birthday Club. The original concept was that one person each month would be hostess and celebrate her birthday. The others brought gifts, food and games. We really had no other purpose than to enjoy the evening and the frienships that developed.

Most of us joined as young wives with small children and it was Mom’s night out. As time went by our children have grown up and left home. Now we have become grandmothers and even a few great-grandmothers. Our conversation has changed from child care to caring for our aged parents and retirement issues. Sometimes we venture out to a new restaurant or take in a movie. Our Christmas parties always include revealing our mystery sister.

Although membership changed over the years we have always retained the 12 members until recently after Carol Russman passed away. We decided in her honor not to find a new member and that will eventually lead to the demise of our club. Perhaps another generation of young wives will begin a similar group. 

Our currant members are from left to right Leslie Suhr, Kathleen Gralheer, Carol Hilker, Lori Bentjen, Jan Thomsen, Janet Vogt, Sandra Glissman, Renee Lehmkuhl, Shirley Frey and Marilyn Johnson.

Some of our past members were Charlene Otteman, Norma Meierdierks, Helen Meierdierks, Joan Blair, Bette Brehmer, Esther Craig, Joy Hansen, Shirley Bruce, Dianne Johnson, Janel Janzen, Georgia Kinning, Judy Predoehl, Dianne Raasch, and Traudel Reppert.