It was 70 years ago, June 1939 that the Community Country Club was organized as a club. It was known as the CCClub.

Being busy young farmers’ wives and mothers we needed an afternoon for ourselves. The meetings would be held once a month. One year later we had 19 members.

In those days our grocery money came from the sale of cream and eggs. So we helped milk the cows and gathered the eggs every day. We also were busy raising baby chickens, having a garden for canning and vegetables. Besides that, we were also caring for our babies and little ones. 

Getting ready for club at that time, our home was really a busy place. We were busy getting our house cleaned, windows washed, and deciding what to serve for lunch. 

You have to remember we didn’t have electricity or refrigerators. We had to go down to the cave to get our food where it was kept cold. Nor did we have vacuum sweepers.

Now, if you are unable to have the club meeting in your own home we could at one time have meetings at Schantell’s. Now we meet at PoPo’s, Welsh’s Pizzeria or even Subway.

Also those days back then we wished for a nice day when it rained, the roads became muddy. Now all the roads have been graveled and for that we are happy. 

During the summer meeting, we often had more youngsters present than members. We always took our kids along to club.

Anniversaries have always been special occasions if only taking our husbands out to eat. We would have gone to Normandy’s in Sioux City or the El Rancho’s near Wisner. Neither place is operating anymore.

For the club’s twenty-fifth anniversary, we treated our husbands to Carl’s Café for a Buffet Supper. That evening the oldest and longest members received corsages. Carl’s Café was a popular place to go at that time in 1964. We had 23 members at that time.

Our fiftieth year anniversary was in 1989. It was really special and all former members and their husbands were invited for a salad luncheon. Over 50 attended and everyone enjoyed reminiscing or playing cards. Wilma Jorgensen came from Minnesota. She was our first president. Rachel Welsh came from Denver. Other folks were from the surrounding area or towns. 

At present, 70 years later, we have Madeline Barker and Helen Heineman who joined at the first meeting. Lucille Barker joined in July. Mickey Oberg joined in August. Marjorie Gilster joined in December in 1939.

To date, we have 13 members and we still go by the name of Community Country Club, even though all the members are now living in town. Pender is our home.

We still do what we can for the community. We enjoy sending cheer cards, giving Christmas baskets, or flowers to shut-in folks. We also helped with the local blood bank, and hold Bingo at the Care Center. 

We look forward to club day. We have short meetings, play cards, and have lunch.

The children in our homes are grown and gone. We are now grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

The Lord has blessed us in so many ways for which we are thankful. From its beginning in June 1939, the CCClub members have reached June 2009.