The Pender Booster Club (PBC) was formally established on July 18th, 1995. Its creation was and still is to operate exclusively for the betterment of the students and administration of Pender High School.

Its Mission Statement read as: To support Pender High School and its students with the financial assistance and volunteer support, and to be involved in creating an environment that encourages pride and spirit. 

The PBC exists strictly on the volunteerism of every parent that has children in the school system. It has no membership fees and meets roughly six times per year to handle business and assistance request from the school. Since 2002 it has generated over $100,000 through fundraising activities. The primary fundraiser is its Annual March Blowout Basketball Tournament (8th year was just completed) held the third week in March. It serves as possibly the biggest event for the City of Pender bringing in over 500 basketball players and families to the city over the three days of the tournament. Clothing sales, football tailgate and the new – Northeast Basketball League for 3rd – 6th Graders in the local area serves as the other major fundraisers.

Contributions over the past eight years range from assisting from sports to academic programs. They included naming a few:

Purchase of Band Equipment

Display Case in Commons area

Media Projectors

Equipment for Track – Golf – Basketball Teams

Record Banners in Gym

Sports Record Boards

Field Trips

Members have volunteered in many areas to assist the school with different event assistance. At the present time the organization operates a website @ At the website you can access much of the information including current fundraising activities, future projects under consideration and a list of contributions made over the five years. The PBC continues to be a major contributor to the Pender High administration and works closely with Jason Dolliver, Lonnie Ford and Kelly Ballinger.

For more information contact one of the Current Officers:

Ron Williams – President

Jill Anderson - Treasurer