The Pender Junior Woman’s Club was organized on March 20, 1954 at Pender, Nebraska, with 24 charter members. It was federated also in 1954. The name was changed to Pender Woman’s Club in 2005 due to the age of members. The club is still in existence at this time (2009) but has only four members, as two passed away in 2008. Current members are: Pauline Westerhold, Lynn Sherry, Helen Frey and Margaret Reppert. Pauline Westerhold served as NFWC treasurer in 1980-1982 and former member Lynette Worrell served as NFWC president in 1994-1995. Other members have served as state and district chairmen and as NFWC District III president and district officers. The club did not start the public library in Pender but has helped support it every year. In the early years of the library, our members assisted with the everyday activities of the library and held our meetings there. The Pender Jr. Woman’s Club celebrated its 50th anniversary on March 20, 2004 at House Memorial Library in Pender with many former members and other guests. Some projects of the club have been — entertaining school teachers, Easter Seal drive and other fund drives, entertaining at the local care centers, street signs for every street in Pender, fence and restrooms for local football field, planted trees at park for new babies born to club members, playground equipment for park, rose bushes in park for deceased members, subscription to National Geographic magazine every year for the library, sponsored local art contest for students for many years and children-size table and chairs for library. All projects included much time and effort. Sometimes we were assisted by other organizations in projects.