The Summer Recreational Program is a Non-Profit Community Organization that was created to provide the opportunity to play softball and baseball over the summer months to children in the local area. The organization works closely with the American Legion Baseball Team in handling the concession stand and maintaining the field during league play. The City of Pender provides the children with two excellent fields at the Dave Nitzschke Baseball Complex. Games and practice are also held at the refurbished Heyne Field. 

The Summer Recreational Program is also responsible for handling the Recycling Trailers in the City of Pender.

The Summer Recreational Program has been in service for close to twenty years and at its height had over 200 players participating. At the present time there are 70 players signed up for the 2010 season. The softball teams have played in the Northeast Nebraska Softball League for the past three years and the baseball teams start their eighth year as a member of the Tri-County Baseball League. 

Past highlights include:


1996 Class C State Champions

1999 Class C State Champions

2000 Class B State Champions and National Qualifiers



2007 Didgets (10 Under) Tri-County League Runners-Up

2008 Broncos (12 Under) Tri-County League Runners-Up

2009 Ponies (14 Under) Tri-County League Runners-Up


2010 Board Members include: 

Chris Brader, Denise Anderson, Lowell Ostrand, Jason Roth, Ron Williams, Jim Dahlman and JJ Maise