“Happy Hatters”

The local chapter of the national Red Hat Society was formed March 2004. The name of the Chapter is the Happy Hatters. The colors of the chapter are red and purple.  The purple is for eccentricity and the red is for attitude.

The original members are Joan Beutler, Charlotte Bohlin, Mary Lou Brondum, Mary Bruns, Sherry Bruns, Elaine Christiansen, Betty Copple Jasa, Georgene Fuller, Elsie Jahde, Lila Lander, Shirley Peters, Margaret Reppert, Traudel Reppert, Loretta Schwedhelm, Janice Smith, Marilyn Swanson, Claire Thomsen, and Jana Wichman. Flavian Gilster and Evelyn Webster joined at a later date.

The membership is all “play” and no work. We have coffee every Tuesday morning at the Pender Livestock Café. On the first Tuesday of every month the ladies put on their various red hats and red and purple clothes. The members’ birthdays are celebrated on the various Tuesdays with delicious food and laughter.  Sometimes the people on the street accuse us of being too loud.

We enjoy monthly outings to Omaha, Sioux City, Fremont, and various other cities.  On these outings the ladies enjoy movies, various tours, wineries, style shows, and of course eating out and shopping.  You can always tell who we are because of the red and purple outfits. 

An annual Christmas party is held at a member’s house with a gift exchange. A cookie exchange is also held.

We decorate a float in the annual summer parade and also an area in the Heritage Museum at Christmas time.

The first “Ladies Night Out” sponsored by the local library was held this fall. We decorated two tables for the event and 16 members attended.

Charlotte Bohlin